Artist Statement

For me, the natural world resets the rhythm in my soul. I’m inspired by the land, the light, the quietude. Throughout our days, we find and cherish moments when we just breathe. I strive to create paintings to give us those moments. 

My current work explores our intimate relationship with the natural elements of our rivers and parklands. Working through layers of gooey oil paint, attentive to line, light, texture and colour, I explore my world…our world.  The landscape is observed and recorded in a flattened fashion. Several layers of paint chronicle the history of the picture, with little attempt to hide the path.  Pieces of paint tell little stories, like the account of the land. Working towards ‘simplification with interest’ is the goal.  Details are scrubbed from the work and I present a final, redacted visual composition. This creates space for individual interpretation. There’s no reason to tell the entire story as I urge viewers to remember their own.

Perfection is not a part of the equation. I avoid and distrust perfection. In reality you don’t find perfect trees or people – their imperfections make them real and interesting, so I embrace that narrative. It’s through this process I hope to give observers a quiet, thoughtful respite from our busy, often noisy world –  seeing something nourishing they’re familiar with, but didn’t realize they were missing. 


Michelle Andres is a contemporary American painter and writer who’s claimed her creative birthright after leaving an unfulfilling and “sensible” career in business. Andres is known for her abstract work, inspired by her poetic writings and observations of the human landscape. In early 2019 Andres relocated, and in the midst of the transition found, with her current space constraints, she could no longer produce the large work she had previously enjoyed.

Exhilarated by her new surroundings overlooking Northern California’s American River and surrounding parklands, she took solace in the beauty and fragility offered by the landscape. She also transitioned from mixed media and resin, to oil media for her work. She segued from the human landscape, to the natural one.

Andres has studied with painters such as Katherine Chang-Liu, Heather Wilcoxin, Carl Heyward, Skip Lawrence, Sandy Ostrau, Craig Stephens and draftsman Salvatore Victor. She exhibits in galleries in the Western United States, though her work appears in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.